April 18, 2010

We are all beautiful flowers

We are all beautiful flowers
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I believe that we are all beautiful flowers in one way or another.
Beauty on the inside reflects the beauty on the outside.
I wanted to share this special song with my readers and thank you for being you and believing in me.

The best part of beauty is that which no picture can express.  
- Francis Bacon
Beauty is everywhere a welcome guest.   -Goethe


Fabulous at 50!

Fabulous at 50!

One of the most important changes that occur as we get older is the skin's texture. It's a great idea at any age to exfoliate dead skin cells and keep your skin glowing.  Always moisturize afterwards.
Many women turning fifty tend to look better with less makeup on.  
Foundation should be light and applied sparingly in the same color as your natural skin tone.  Use a concealer that is lightly textured and be careful with the color.  Going too light will give a gray appearance.  Make sure that you powder lightly afterwards.  I tend to use a powder brush to apply it evenly all over the face and not have any blotching.
If you have a few more lines around the eye area, avoid frosted colors and try to go more for a matte look.
Flashy or vivid colors should also be avoided.  Eyeliner should be kept on the upper lid to avoid a heavy look.  Follow with mascara.  Choose a natural rose or beige color blush to enhance your cheek bones.  No need to create apple cheeks.
Finish with a pretty soft , natural colored lipstick to finish your look.  If you've created a natural eye then you can go darker and deeper for your lip color.  It's a good idea to line your lips first to avoid lip bleeding from your lipstick.  

If you have this problem, powder your lips before applying the lipliner and lipstick.

April 7, 2010

How to keep your brows looking good

How to keep your brows looking good

The brow area helps open the eyes and gives your face the appearance of being well cared for.
You need to first find the right shape which in my opinion should be done by an expert.  Once you've gotten the right look, you can easily keep the shape.  Eyebrow waxing can be done in a salon in a matter of minutes!
Keeping your eyebrows looking good is not difficult but needs regular maintenance.  You can tweeze them all by yourself with a good tweezer and magnified mirror.  Be sure to do your tweezing in a well lit area and don't go overboard.
The inner part of your brow should be thicker than the outer edge.  Make sure the area from the arch going outwards tapers off gradually.
Thickness of the brows depends on your features.  Always maintain your natural arch.
Brows that are too thin don't look natural and on most peope don't look good.  Brows need to look neat and well shaped. 
When you begin plucking, never tweeze hairs above the brow to shape them.  Stray hairs are the only thing you should be plucking!
Pluck hairs from the underside of your brows one hair at a time, and pluck hairs in a row.  Pluck the hair in the direction that the hair is growing and stay close to the skin. 
It's a good idea to stop and check yourself in a regular mirror to make sure you're even.
If for some reason you've overplucked, don't worry because the hair grows back within 2 weeks.

To avoid bacteria from building up, it's a good idea to take a q-tip or cotton ball with toner or alcohol when you're done.  You can rub an icecube on the area plucked to reduce any puffiness.

If you have areas on the brow missing, sparse or not growing, no need to worry.  Eyebrow pencils and shadows are wonderful and look very natural.  Try not to go much darker than your hair color.
You can easily fill in the area and have that natural look you want.
There are also brow mascaras on the market which are great to keep the shape in line and enhance the color a little.  I am not a big fan of liquid brow products being they tend to get messy.
I do however use clear brow mascara frequently on my clients to give a polished look to the brow and keep those babes in line.