November 7, 2009

Go ahead and wear RED

Go ahead and wear RED!

It's funny how many people ask me if they can wear red lipstick.
The classic color is both dressy and an eyecatcher depending on how you're going to wear it. There is nothing more beautiful than nice foundation, light blush, very natural eyes with a hint of eyeliner and mascara to bring out your red lipstick. Never try and overdo it on your eyes and your lips at the same time. It's either one or the other.
There are all sorts of faces we identify with red lipstick such as Angelina Jolie, Katy Perry, Dita Von Tesse, Kate Bosworth, Taylor Swift, Cameron Diaz, Snow White, Grace Kelly, Geishas, and many more. Some are sexy, pouty, clean but all make a statement.
Your skintone is what will determine what shade of red works best for you.
Generally warm skin tones should lean towards orange-red warmer tones while cool skin tones should seek blue undertones. Try to find a blush that is a similar shade.
Being that red lipstick tends to bleed, it is best to powder your lips and then line them with lip liner.
If you're afraid to go for a real red lip in the beginning, there are wonderful sheer shades available to get you started.
With the holidays coming up and lots of dressy opportunities, this should be a fun time for you to try something new to change your look.
Voila, enjoy!

October 10, 2009

Happy Birthday Nars

If you are wondering why the face is so familiar, it's because Marc Jacobs is one of the latest names to grace the cover of 15x15.
Nars, founder and creative director of his own label is celebrating the company’s 15th anniversary with a new book.
The creative book is called 15x15 and features the portraits of 15 famous faces.
Marc Jacobs, Isabella Rossellini, Amber Valleta, Naomi Campbell,, Olivier Theyskens, and Shalom Harlow to name a few.
Francois Nars did the makeup and photography himself proving he is still around all these years later.
Happy Birthday Nars!

September 12, 2009

Sharing your love with friends and family

I worked with a wonderful family as they prepared their August wedding in Paris. It was a lavish 2 day event filled with lots of love and emotion. Wonderful colors, food, clothes, and music.
It was the first time I saw a Hindu wedding and all the traditions that go with it.

A Hindu wedding not only involves the bride and groom but friends, family and relatives as everybody participates in their coming together of the to-be couple.
Everything was beautiful and well done thanks to a great team that Laurence and Sandy put together.
Here are some of the special moments from this exceptional event.

June 18, 2009

Looking and Feeling Good

I've been working on many projects which have been rewarding.
My recent workshops have opened new doors for many including myself.
Gaining confidence is not always easy.
With a little effort, changing certain things we might have overlooked ourselves can be the key.
Eating right and getting enough rest is important for a sharp mind and body.
Treat yourself to the simple things in life.
Go read a book in a park,rent a movie, call someone and go out for a walk to just catch up,smile and watch how others behave around you. We learn so much from others.
Color can affect our mood.
What colors are you most attracted to?
Do you know why?
My "Invest In Yourself" workshop has been designed to answer those questions and much more.

May 17, 2009

Step Into Spring

Last week we started off the spring season with a terrific young bride.
She's a pretty woman with great taste when it comes to makeup.
We had such fun trying out new looks for the wedding day.
I enjoyed meeting her wonderful mother and girlfriends who also had their hair and makeup done for the big day.
Congratulations to Taylor and Sean!
Hope to see you in Paris again soon.

April 11, 2009

Hong Kong Beauty in Paris

Last week I had the pleasure of working with a charming couple from Hong Kong.
They chose Paris as their destination for the pre-wedding photos. The wedding will take place this spring in Hong Kong.
The future bride chose a wonderful outfit to keep her warm with the unpredictable weather while being fashionable and classy.

March 11, 2009

Happy Birthday Barbie!

Wow, Barbie is having a very special 50th birthday here in Paris!
If you're a fan or merely curious to see Karl Lagerfeld's special touch, stop by Colette's on rue St. Honoré. Stylist Jeremy Scott has marked the event with his fabulous clothing and accessories featured in the "Barbie Room".
The Barbie and Ken exhibition features photos taken by Mr. Lagerfeld directly for this special event.
The Ken doll is a real male model posing with the glam doll herself and the prints are being sold at Colette's.
For anyone interested, Barbie and Ken divorced back in 2004 but have remained quite close.

213 rue Saint-Honoré - 75001 Paris - France
Tel : 01 55 35 33 90

Monday - Saturday 11h à 19h
Métro Tuileries or Pyramides

February 13, 2009

The Do's and Dont's

So it's your big day and you're not sure what to do with your makeup. Any top photographer will recommend that you work with a makeup and hair specialist. It's important to iron out all the little details so there is no surprise the day of the actual wedding. Makeup base or primer is a nice way of greeting your skin for the rest to come. Finding the correct type of foundation followed by the right shade is another reason to leave it up to an expert. You can never go wrong with a natural and clean look.
Depending on the type of photos that will be taken, certain colors reflect better with color than black and white. Heavy eyes with natural lips or heavy lips with natural eyes. It's not a good idea to do both.
Which are you?