September 7, 2010

Top Swap in Paris

Have you ever purchased something  that just doesn't work for you?
Wrong color?  Wrong size?  Not what you thought?  It just isn't you?
Why keep it or feel guilty about throwing it away.  Now you can participate in a fun activity swapping things while meeting new people and learning new tips.
Clothes, shoes, books, makeup,jewelry, accessories or anything that you'd like to swap in good shape are welcome.
If you're interested, please contact me to book the date at:

Let's get together and have some fun!

August 25, 2010

Getting ready for fall

I hope everyone is having a good summer whereever you may be!
As we get ready for fall, I thought you'd enjoy some videos of my work.
It's always a pleasure working with a great team and creating special moments.
Looking forward to seeing many of you again and meeting others.

Happy Summer!

A bientôt,


June 15, 2010

The Five Minute Makeover

Are you looking for a quick and appropriate way to do your makeup? 

Whether you're a busy mom, business woman, interviewing for a job, or just pinched for time, here is an easy and stress free way to do your makeup.  
Once you've washed and moisturized your face, follow with a good makeup primer for long lasting foundation and smooth results.
Follow with a good foundation adapted to your skin type.  Try and avoid the eye area.   
To be quick and clean I suggest using a foundation brush. Use your concealer around the eye area.  
Use a large powder brush and neutral powder to fix the foundation and matify your face.  
Keep a compact powder in your bag to touch up when you get shiny.
Find a good blush that you can wear everyday.  Gently sweep across the cheek bone and around the sides of your forehead.
For the eyes use two colors.  Apply the first color which should be neutral on the entire eye area.  Take your second color which should be a few shades darker and apply it in the crease of the eye.  You can also use this color on the lid, avoiding the brow area. 
If you want a stronger or more defined look, contour your eye with eyeliner. 
I prefer soft black, brown, navy or plum.  Now you can finish with 2 coats of mascara.
Your final step is to line your lips with a neutral color lipliner.  Choose a lipcolor that is suited to the look you're trying to create. 
Keep your lipliner and lipstick in your bag as well for touchups.
To dress up your look in the evening, you can darken the crease in the eye area and/or use a darker, brighter lipstick with gloss.

Voila, now you can relax and enjoy your day!

May 28, 2010



I was trying to find a theme for my next post when unexpectedly one of my best friends sent me an article.
I read one of the most touching stories and discovered a beautiful woman that I don't know.  
She has touched many, and moreso she has created a direct link to happiness using her own words and experience.
I would like to share the following story with my readers and how one courageous woman's journey can inspire us all to appreciate every day and see beauty in everything.
We waste so much time on petty things in life that we forget to see the good things around us.
A simple smile, a big hug, and kind words are so much more rewarding than material objects.

I want to thank Theresa for sharing her journey with us and touching my heart and soul.  
I am moved and inspired by her.
To me, she radiates true beauty in every form.

Please click on the following link and discover this beautiful person.

"The most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or touched, they must be felt with the heart"
- Helen Keller
 "The most important thing in life is to learn how to give out love and let it come in"
- Morrie Schwartz
"People are like stained-glass windows.  They sparkle and shine when the sun is out, but when the darkness sets in, their true beauty is revealed only if there is a light from within" 
-  Elisabeth Kubler- Ross

May 19, 2010




During a recent workshop the topic that kept coming up was acne.  I have been there myself.  There's nothing worse than that feeling of being self conscious.  Waking up on an important day to acne or a pimple can be so stressful.
Makeup can help cover up the problem but in other cases it can accentuate it as well.  Everyone is different so the solution isn't easy to find right away.

I think the most important thing for everyone to remember is to wash your face properly everyday.
Many people do not wash their face before going to bed leaving traces of makeup.  It is essential to clean the face and neck with a cleanser adapted to your needs and skin type.
Gel gives a nice squeaky clean feel to the skin, cream for a dry skin craving moisture or a traditional face  bar soap.  If possible, follow with a toner to help your pores and moisturizer.
I suggest to my clients to do an inexpensive deep pore cleaner every once and a while using a chamomile tea bag and a few drops of lavender essential oil.  Put both in boiling water, wrap a towel around your head and let the steam penetrate your skin for at least 10 minutes.  Many blocked impurities will release and the aroma itself is heavenly while being very subtle and calming.

When purchasing makeup, many people just buy without really knowing what certain terms mean.
Non-comedogenic makeup is designed to prevent breakouts and reduces pore blockage.  It you are allergic to makeup or have acne, this could be a great solution for you.
Acne prone skin should avoid liquid makeup and stick to powder.  Powders also have the added bonus of helping absorb excess oil.  Many liquid makeups contain oil which is not for everyone.
If you see that your makeup is creating a reaction, allergy or your acne is worse, try something else.
I suggest to my clients to try it for a few days and see.  Then wait a few days and see what happens when you don't use it.  Switching brands is very common and a good way to see which ones your skin tolerates.  In certain cases, even non-comedogenic can irritate extremely sensitive skin so don't worry.

Proper hygiene with your makeup applicators and makeup brushes is also a must.  Bacteria on your skin can come from there and create acne.  Get in the habit of washing your brushes and applicators with baby shampoo, makeup brush cleaner or even a antimicrobial soap regularly.  Another option is disposable applicators which are easy to find.

It's definitely not easy to deal with bad skin especially if your big day is coming up, or you just aren't finding a solution in general.
Take into consideration that stress, pollution, diet, hormones and climate can contribute to your problem.
If your problem persists, go to see a dermatologist and leave your skin alone for a few days.


April 18, 2010

We are all beautiful flowers

We are all beautiful flowers
(click and listen )


I believe that we are all beautiful flowers in one way or another.
Beauty on the inside reflects the beauty on the outside.
I wanted to share this special song with my readers and thank you for being you and believing in me.

The best part of beauty is that which no picture can express.  
- Francis Bacon
Beauty is everywhere a welcome guest.   -Goethe


Fabulous at 50!

Fabulous at 50!

One of the most important changes that occur as we get older is the skin's texture. It's a great idea at any age to exfoliate dead skin cells and keep your skin glowing.  Always moisturize afterwards.
Many women turning fifty tend to look better with less makeup on.  
Foundation should be light and applied sparingly in the same color as your natural skin tone.  Use a concealer that is lightly textured and be careful with the color.  Going too light will give a gray appearance.  Make sure that you powder lightly afterwards.  I tend to use a powder brush to apply it evenly all over the face and not have any blotching.
If you have a few more lines around the eye area, avoid frosted colors and try to go more for a matte look.
Flashy or vivid colors should also be avoided.  Eyeliner should be kept on the upper lid to avoid a heavy look.  Follow with mascara.  Choose a natural rose or beige color blush to enhance your cheek bones.  No need to create apple cheeks.
Finish with a pretty soft , natural colored lipstick to finish your look.  If you've created a natural eye then you can go darker and deeper for your lip color.  It's a good idea to line your lips first to avoid lip bleeding from your lipstick.  

If you have this problem, powder your lips before applying the lipliner and lipstick.

April 7, 2010

How to keep your brows looking good

How to keep your brows looking good

The brow area helps open the eyes and gives your face the appearance of being well cared for.
You need to first find the right shape which in my opinion should be done by an expert.  Once you've gotten the right look, you can easily keep the shape.  Eyebrow waxing can be done in a salon in a matter of minutes!
Keeping your eyebrows looking good is not difficult but needs regular maintenance.  You can tweeze them all by yourself with a good tweezer and magnified mirror.  Be sure to do your tweezing in a well lit area and don't go overboard.
The inner part of your brow should be thicker than the outer edge.  Make sure the area from the arch going outwards tapers off gradually.
Thickness of the brows depends on your features.  Always maintain your natural arch.
Brows that are too thin don't look natural and on most peope don't look good.  Brows need to look neat and well shaped. 
When you begin plucking, never tweeze hairs above the brow to shape them.  Stray hairs are the only thing you should be plucking!
Pluck hairs from the underside of your brows one hair at a time, and pluck hairs in a row.  Pluck the hair in the direction that the hair is growing and stay close to the skin. 
It's a good idea to stop and check yourself in a regular mirror to make sure you're even.
If for some reason you've overplucked, don't worry because the hair grows back within 2 weeks.

To avoid bacteria from building up, it's a good idea to take a q-tip or cotton ball with toner or alcohol when you're done.  You can rub an icecube on the area plucked to reduce any puffiness.

If you have areas on the brow missing, sparse or not growing, no need to worry.  Eyebrow pencils and shadows are wonderful and look very natural.  Try not to go much darker than your hair color.
You can easily fill in the area and have that natural look you want.
There are also brow mascaras on the market which are great to keep the shape in line and enhance the color a little.  I am not a big fan of liquid brow products being they tend to get messy.
I do however use clear brow mascara frequently on my clients to give a polished look to the brow and keep those babes in line.

March 12, 2010

I'm in a great makeup mood!

I'm in a great makeup mood!

Have you been one of the many hoping the temps will warm up and that spring is here?
It has been a rough winter for everyone around the world.
Be it pollution, cold or hot climate change, or just simple fatique, it's time to pamper ourselves.

Colors are very important for creating the right makeup mood.
There are different moods we want to create depending on the occasion.

Have you ever worn blue eye shadow or mascara?  What a great pick me upper and wonderful to bring out hazel, green, blue or dark brown eyes.
You can keep your lips light and neutral with a glossy effect while playing up the eyes with all sorts of blue shades.  Powder blue, tourquoise, navy, indigo, cobalt, teal, irs, azure, electric blue to name a few!
Line the eyes with a navy liner and finish with navy or midnight blue mascara.

Think pretty in pink for that happy and healthy look.  You can choose to have your eyes, cheeks and lips be in the same tones or mix it up a bit.
Pinks vary so to be safe going plum or dusty rose is the easiest.
You can wear petal pink, silver, or plum gloss to dress up the look.

It you're looking for a bold look, go for a nice rich red or bordeaux lip, keep the eyes and cheeks very neutral.
You can wear a little liner and mascara to finish the look.

Try going gray for a sexy appearance.  Gray is a great color to play with since you can use light blue, lavender, white, silver, pink, green and many others to wear with it.
Line the eyes with black or dark gray eyeliner and add your mascara for that smoky look.
Go soft on the cheeks and the lips.  The key here is to focus on your inner sex appeal which begins with the eyes!

March 7, 2010

Spring cleaning your makeup bag


Spring cleaning is one of the best ways to get rid of what you don't need.  When it comes to makeup, there are several reasons you don't want to hang on to your products.  Brushes and containers become contaminated over time.  There have been over 30,000 reported cases of cosmetic-related allergies yearly.  Conjunctivitis or cornea damage are the most common related to the eye.
The shelf life of your makeup depends on several things.  If you have a rancid odor always throw the product away.
Make sure to keep your eye and lip liners sharpened regularly.  This prevents any unwanted bacteria.
Unused makeup should be kept in a dark area without extreme temperatures.
Always keep your containers clean and properly screwed on.

Here's a quick guide on the shelf life of your beauty products that have been estimated but not set in stone.
If your products have expiration dates on them like many foundations, try and stick to the date rather than keep it forever.

Concealer-  12-18 months
Powder- 2 years
Eyeliner-  2 years
Eyeshadow- 2 years
Mascara- between 4-6 months depending on usage
Foundation- 12-18 months depending on whether it is oil or water based
Lipliner- 2 years
Lipstick- always check for a rancid smell as an indicator to throw it away.  Experts say between 2-4 years
Lipgloss 18 months
Nail Polish- 12 months

Wash your brushes regularly every 2 months in baby shampoo or a mild detergent and your sponges weekly.

February 17, 2010

Alexander McQueen : Using makeup to make a statement

Looking Natural

The Natural You

Many women want their makeup to look natural.  It's very easy to achieve this look with a few tips.
A natural look is something that doesn't look overdone and goes with your skin tone as well as your personality.
Start with a good concealer to take away those unwanted imperfections and then follow with your foundation.
Don't try to change your skin tone, match your face and neck so it looks the same.  Powder your face with translucent powder.
For your eyes, stick to earthy tones which are beige, brown, gold, or plum.  For more definition you can line your eyes in dark brown, gray or black, just make sure you keep it simple and natural looking.
For a more natural look you can skip the eyeliner and just apply your mascara directly.
Brown and navy mascara are a nice option for a natural look.
Blush color should be close to the color of your cheeks and match the earthy tones selected for the eyes.
Finish with a nude or natural color lipliner and lipstick that matches.
You can wear a sheer colored gloss over your lipstick or just by itself.
If you're going out at night and want to freshen up your look, you can dust with a lightly frosted powder or blush.
This will give a bit of a glow while maintaining your natural look.

January 17, 2010

How we can help Haiti


The devastation in Haiti has left me feeling obligated to do my share.
As the images and news keep coming in I get emotional and wonder how we can help.
The following link is a fabulous source of information and a great blog called Pedro's Island.

There are many opportunites to use your helping hands and raise awareness.
It only takes a few minutes and it will help save a life.
Together we can lean on each other and show our solidarity.
These images speak the truth and are far from being beautiful.

"How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world."quote by Anne Frank

Sending lots of love from Paris,



January 4, 2010

Happy New Year! Out with the old and in with the new you

  Out with the old and in with the new you


Happy New Year from Paris!  If you're like me, you may be motivated to trim down immediately after all the holiday goodies!  I felt snug in my skirt so I decided to get back on track!
There are easy ways to create a slimmer look depending on the shape of your face.
Don't worry about your double chin, you'll be fine if you get back into the swing of things.
Here are a few makeup tips on how to slim your face..
Concentrate on your eyes with a nice shadow-liner-mascara combination that draws attention to your personality.
When you get ready for blush, there are certain things you need to know to get that slimming effect you're looking for.  Choose your blush according to your skin tone. Rosy and warm or peachy tones.
Apply your darkest color right below your cheekbone using a proper blush brush.  Nothing too big like a loose powder brush or you'll have trouble.  Gently glide your brush upwards going into the hairline but not too high.  To create the slimming illusion, follow with a lighter blush tone slightly over darker tone area..
Finish your look with a nice fresh lipgloss or lipstick to go with the colors you've selected.