March 7, 2010

Spring cleaning your makeup bag


Spring cleaning is one of the best ways to get rid of what you don't need.  When it comes to makeup, there are several reasons you don't want to hang on to your products.  Brushes and containers become contaminated over time.  There have been over 30,000 reported cases of cosmetic-related allergies yearly.  Conjunctivitis or cornea damage are the most common related to the eye.
The shelf life of your makeup depends on several things.  If you have a rancid odor always throw the product away.
Make sure to keep your eye and lip liners sharpened regularly.  This prevents any unwanted bacteria.
Unused makeup should be kept in a dark area without extreme temperatures.
Always keep your containers clean and properly screwed on.

Here's a quick guide on the shelf life of your beauty products that have been estimated but not set in stone.
If your products have expiration dates on them like many foundations, try and stick to the date rather than keep it forever.

Concealer-  12-18 months
Powder- 2 years
Eyeliner-  2 years
Eyeshadow- 2 years
Mascara- between 4-6 months depending on usage
Foundation- 12-18 months depending on whether it is oil or water based
Lipliner- 2 years
Lipstick- always check for a rancid smell as an indicator to throw it away.  Experts say between 2-4 years
Lipgloss 18 months
Nail Polish- 12 months

Wash your brushes regularly every 2 months in baby shampoo or a mild detergent and your sponges weekly.


Leesa said...

WOW! Great info and thanks for the tips!! I'm going to go through my stuff soon!!

Catherine said...

I'm glad you give us advice about how long to keep make up! i just cleaned mine!

Catherine said...

i just cleaned my makeup! nice to tell us how long to keep it

ParisBreakfasts said...

most helpful!
I wish I remembered to put dates on makeup the way I do boxes of hot chocolate (to see how long they last).
I tend to wear the same colors over and over again.
I would love some new Spring colors!


Hi everyone and thanks for the comments.
It is very refreshing to actually do it and it also allows us to wear what we have that we forget about!
Feel better Leesa.
Hope to hear from you soon Catherine!
I SO enjoy ParisBreakfasts, what a great way to start my day every morning!

Have a great day!