February 17, 2010

Looking Natural

The Natural You

Many women want their makeup to look natural.  It's very easy to achieve this look with a few tips.
A natural look is something that doesn't look overdone and goes with your skin tone as well as your personality.
Start with a good concealer to take away those unwanted imperfections and then follow with your foundation.
Don't try to change your skin tone, match your face and neck so it looks the same.  Powder your face with translucent powder.
For your eyes, stick to earthy tones which are beige, brown, gold, or plum.  For more definition you can line your eyes in dark brown, gray or black, just make sure you keep it simple and natural looking.
For a more natural look you can skip the eyeliner and just apply your mascara directly.
Brown and navy mascara are a nice option for a natural look.
Blush color should be close to the color of your cheeks and match the earthy tones selected for the eyes.
Finish with a nude or natural color lipliner and lipstick that matches.
You can wear a sheer colored gloss over your lipstick or just by itself.
If you're going out at night and want to freshen up your look, you can dust with a lightly frosted powder or blush.
This will give a bit of a glow while maintaining your natural look.


Castles Crowns and Cottages said...


How lovely your blog is and I am so honored that you would find your way to my world here in the states, and leave a message! What a wonderful world to meet other women with dreams of beautifying their surroundings and lives. Please, come again and know that you are so welcome. Merci mille fois, Anita

Fleurette said...

Hello dear Brigitte, thank you very much for your visit and nice comment!!! I am very pleased!!!
Your blog is very beautiful and interesting!!! I look forward to your next visit:))
Have a very nice evening
Fleurette from Prague

Anne in Oxfordshire said...

Hello Brigitte..oh wonderful it would be to meet you, and such a shame you cannot come over with Leesa :-( great that I get to see Leesa and Barbara again though.

yes the stores are wonderful but then I say that about Paris :-)

Warming up here I think, just a little though but also rain which is not that good.

I have no work at the moment, just praying that it comes again soon, so I can save up to come back to Paris and see my friends and meet you.

Take care and have a great week. Anne


Hi Anita, Thanks for the nice message, I'm glad to be connected! I look forward to keeping in touch with such a nice and talented lady.

Fleurette, Thank you for your comment . It's nice to make new friends this way. I hope to get to Prague again one day soon. I have such wonderful souvenirs. Maybe you'll come for a visit here in Paris! Keep in touch.

Anne- It's always a pleasure being in touch. Barbara and Leesa are going to have a great time.
Best of luck to you, lovely to have your news.

Leesa said...

Hi B--

I think that Cameron Diaz is a "natural" beauty - inside and out... She has a lot of good energy oozing out of her pores!!!

Great post!


Sara Louise said...

This is the look I usually try to go for but just can't quite get right. That and the smoky eye. I've always been pretty hopeless with makeup.

Really like your blog, but I can't seem to find the 'Follow' tab (if it's right there looking me in the face and I can't see it for some reason, I apologize.


Hi Sara,
Thanks for the nice message.
Don"t worry about not getting the look you want right away. It takes a little time to master the technique but it's really easy.
If you want to follow my blog, it should be on the right hand side of my page. If you have trouble finding it, let me know.
Have a nice day,

Mindy Allen said...

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