November 19, 2008

Cleaning Makeup Brushes

I do many makeovers so I make sure that the brushes and tools I am using are clean.
Being bacteria can linger on a sponge or brush, nobody wants to be greeted by a bad surprise.
It is especially necessary to watch out in department stores or specialty shops where sales are more important than the client and proper hygiene. Who knows how many faces have been touched by the same brushes.
Cleaning brushes if they are your own can be done about once a week if you're using the same colors.
Baby shampoo is the best to use being it is mild on the bristles.
Take a little pea size of shampoo in the palm of your hand and then swirl the brush into that.
Rinse till you have no more color left. Be gentle when you are cleaning them off.
You can take a towel or kleenex and gently pat the excess water off.
Mold the brush wet into the desired shape then leave to dry.
I tend to just leave my brushes dry bristles up in a container.
If you are often in a pinch like me and need to clean a lot on the spot, purchase special brush cleaner available at any store carrying cosmetic items.
Put a little dose on a kleenex and clean your brush.
Repeat till brush has no more color.
A great solution in France that is inexpensive and mild on your brushes is Savon de Marseillais.
You can just swirl your brush directly onto the soap bar and scrub away.
I love the honey - almond one personally!

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Leesa said...

Great FYI info, Brigitte. I know that after your presentation about makeup I went to last year, I tossed out a brush I had for YEARS-- I won't even tell you how many but lets just say maybe more years than I have fingers on my hands... hehe... I bought a nice new one the last time I was at Sephora and I'm quite happy with it!!
Since you brought up the bacteria that can linger, I will mention that I was just reading about the things that linger on lipstick testers in department stores!!!
Take care and have a beautiful night!